Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taking the show on the road

As part of my recent retooling theGerb.com, I'm looking at reviving my blog... again. This time, though, I have a new tool in my bag of tricks. Combining my iPhone with BlogPress, I hope to take advantage of downtime to post my updates on the go. So far the app seems to have some nice features, but it's pretty buggy. I will likely be writing a comparison of using it versus e-mail for mobile blogging.

- Mobile post via BlogPress

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feoh said...

I've found much the same thing. There are a couple of Wordpress blogging apps now for iPhone, but I haven't really investigated any of them.

I adore my iPhone, but I haven't yet mastered the on screen 'keyboard' well enough to feel truly comfortable blogging from it.

I do wish Apple would support external bluetooth keyboards, there have been some truly dandy portable ones out there for a while.